Terpene profile
Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene dominant
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Tropimango Feminised Seeds

Tropimango S1 (Somango x Somango)

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Terpene profile
Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene dominant

Philosopher’s Seeds presents Tropimango, the result of a self-pollination (S1) of a selection of the legendary and multi-awarded Somango cannabis strain. This terpene-rich treasure came into their hands thanks to the generosity of a very close friend of the company.

Tropimango is a plant with large, dark and lush leaves, robust structure and very short internodal spacing. This makes it easy to grow, indoor or outdoors, and it performs well with the SOG technique. Buds are tight, heavy and compact and completely coated with aromatic, bright white resin.

Tropimango smells of tropical fruits, particularly mango. This scent is perfectly replicated on the palate when smoked; smell and taste are perfectly matched. Its flavour is long-lasting and leaves a delicious fruity aftertaste.

Its indica dominance and high THC content provides calming, serene and active effects. A feeling that allows us to perform our daily activities peacefully and with a smile on our faces.

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Philosopher Seeds was created in the late 90s by people passionate about cannabis genetics. Over the years they have established a close relationship with other seed banks such as Reggae Seeds and OSC Collective. They have contributed with their genetics and knowledge in the development of new varieties, and now offer a selection of the best and most sought-after cannabis varieties, both old school and new genetics: Easy Haze, Early Maroc, Purple Punch, Zkittlez, Wifi #43 crosses, as well as CBD rich strains such as Pure CBD Punch and the cup-winning Fruity Jack.
Their collection represents the best organoleptic characteristics, terpene profiles and assorted flavours: citric, earthy, sweet, diesel, fruity, floral, incense... Something for every connoisseur.

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In the UK and in many locales around the world, it is entirely legal to buy and own cannabis seeds. However, as per our site disclaimer, all seeds are sold by Pips Seedbank as collectable souvenirs only for the preservation of cannabis genetics. Always comply with your local laws.