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G13 x Cinderella 99

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Fleur du Mal’s signature cross of G13 x Cinderella 99.

Potent, oily and pungent, the legendary G13 is bulked up and smoothed out by Cinderella, delivering a potent head and aromatic “orange black tea” flavour, balanced equally between sativa and indica.

Originally developed with the G13 Airborne clone and a pre-2000 vintage release of Cinderella 99. One of the best G13 hybrids available.

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About The Breeder

Since 2001 Fleur du Mal has bred premium indoor hybrids based around classic heritage sativa and indica strains carefully preserved from the earliest days of cannabis breeding.

Their aim is simple, to bring out the best of what each parent strain offers in distinct crosses and lines; to improve and protect the diversity and integrity of the cannabis plant; and to be transparent in provenance and heritage.

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