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Geraniol, Linalool, Myrcene dominant
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Desert Skunk Feminised Seeds

Aladdin’s Skunk IBL x Moroccan Beldia IBL (True F1)

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Terpene profile
Geraniol, Linalool, Myrcene dominant

Desert Skunk by Khalifa Genetics is an 85% sativa hybrid resulting from a cross between an old Skunk#1 from the Super Sativa Seed Club and a Moroccan Beldia. The Khalifa team has been able to combine drought resistance and extreme earliness of the Moroccan Beldia with the mould resistance, copious trichome density and yield of the 1980s SSSC Skunk.

This true f1 is probably one of the fastest flowering Sativas in the world. It produces long spear-shaped buds full of shiny trichomes. Outdoors, Desert Skunk in the northern hemisphere often starts flowering in early July and finishes in early September. It can grow outdoors in some of the most inhospitable places on earth. Although it was bred especially for guerrilla growing, this vigorous Moroccan Skunk will also give incredible results indoors where most plants are fully ripe in under 60 days. It can stretch a lot, but this is balanced by being very easy to grow with low maintenance and less senstivity to over-feeding than most sativas.

The effect is fast and cheerful, very similar to the Moroccan Beldiaโ€™s, though stronger. Desert Skunk produces a wave of euphoria, often accompanied by a strong sense of focus. This is therefore an uplifting smoke that is mostly suited to daytime use.

The Desert Skunk reminds hash lovers of the particular aromas of the Beldia. Its sweet Moroccan hash smell and its notes of spices and honey are enticing. On top of that, the creamy and slightly fruity sweet Skunk reinforces the musk element of this old school scent. The taste on the palate is spicy as well but is also accompanied by sweet notes of Skunk.

This fast-flowering, early-maturing and mould-resistant strain is the ultimate outdoor strain for outdoor growers in cold climates.

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