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Sour Melon Regular Seeds

[KG] Melon cut x [KG] Sour D BX


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“This long-anticipated cross is a fusion of KG Melon Cut x KG Sour D BX, two of Karma Genetics’ most popular cultivars.

Legally operating gardeners can expect strong, prolific plants with light green flowers and deep green leaves. A big yielder, Sour Melon can be pushed by experienced growers to achieve huge harvests. She puts out a lot of resin, too, making this a great choice for extraction artists.

Flavours and aromas are strong and pronounced with sour, overripe fruit and gassy funky sweetness. A real symphony of flavours that really complement each other.

Effects are heavy and robust in keeping with most of Karma’s handywork. A special strain that is sure to be popular with connoisseurs.”

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About The Breeder

Working in the Dutch canna scene since 1996, Karma Genetics started breeding in 1999 when they saw an opportunity to diversify the limited clone stock in Holland at the time. From working in a coffeeshop to later running a local grow shop, Karma got a big breakthrough after entering and winning at the IC420 Cup in Amsterdam in 2008. Aimed at the serious grower who desires top quality cannabis and stable genetics, Karma regularly review and test all their seed lines to ensure their standards of excellence are consistently met - and deprecate any that fall short. This ensures every Karma purchase will be as impressive as the last.

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